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Costa Rica Real Estate 2023: A Market of Contrasts

Coldwell Banker Costa Rica | 31st January 2024 | Share
Costa Rica Real Estate 2023: A Market of Contrasts

As we bid farewell to 2023, it's time to reflect on the dynamic landscape of Costa Rica's real estate market. The year brought surprises and expected shifts, showcasing a market of contrasts. Let's delve into the key highlights that defined the real estate sector in Costa Rica over the past year.

Luxury Living Soars

The spotlight of 2023 shone brightly on luxury homes, with the average price witnessing a remarkable 44% increase. This surge reflects a growing demand for upscale living in the country.

New Listings Flourish

Costa Rica experienced a significant surge in new single-family home listings, marking a 45% increase compared to 2022. This influx suggests a promising market for those seeking fresh, modern properties.

Mixed Fortunes for Single-Family Homes

While the average price for single-family homes rose by an impressive 39%, the sales of these homes saw a slight decline of 4.1%. This intriguing duality hints at a market where pricing may be outpacing demand.

Luxury Sales on the Rise

In contrast to the dip in single-family home sales, luxury home sales experienced a substantial uptick, boasting a 32% increase. This could signify a growing segment of affluent buyers seeking exclusive properties.

Regional Variations

The province of Guanacaste emerged as a key player in the real estate scene. Experiencing the highest price increase with an astonishing 93%, it also recorded a significant 29% rise in single-family home transactions. Guanacaste is evidently becoming a hotspot for both buyers and sellers.

Central Valley and South-Central Pacific Face Challenges

Unfortunately, not all regions enjoyed a positive trajectory. Home sales in the Central Valley and the South-Central Pacific dipped by 16% and 17%, respectively. The Central Valley witnessed a meager 1% increase in single-family home prices, while the South & Central Pacific saw a notable 10% decrease.


Costa Rica's real estate market in 2023 displayed a myriad of trends, suggesting a complex interplay between various factors. The surge in luxury home prices and sales contrasts with the challenges faced by other regions, emphasizing the importance of considering local dynamics. As we move into 2024, real estate enthusiasts will undoubtedly keep a close eye on these trends, anticipating further shifts and opportunities in this vibrant market.

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