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Discover Your Perfect Costa Rica Beach House

Coldwell Banker Costa Rica | 21st March 2022 | Share
Discover Your Perfect Costa Rica Beach House

About Costa Rica Beach Homes 

In Costa Rica Real Estate, the ownership and possession of coastal property are regulated by the Maritime Zone Law, which often results in untitled properties. According to this law, the government owns the first 200 meters of beachfront land in Costa Rica, starting from the high-tide markers. Within this area, the first 50 meters are designated as public zones and cannot be privately possessed. The remaining 150 meters, known as the Restricted Zone, can be leased by the government to private individuals or corporations through a concession arrangement.

Before a concession is granted, the law requires that high-tide markers be placed on the beach area. 

Additionally, the Maritime Zone Law imposes restrictions on foreign ownership. Outsiders looking at coastal land in Costa Rica for sale must acquire legal residency to obtain a concession. Therefore, thorough research is crucial when considering an investment in beachfront property in Costa Rica to understand whether the property is titled or concession land and any restrictions on foreign ownership and special procedures. Consulting with a knowledgeable real estate attorney for conducting this research is recommended before buying a home in Costa Rica.

Despite these regulations, the opportunity still presents itself to purchase established homes in Costa Rica on or near the beach at relatively lower prices compared to Florida or California, and the cost of living in Costa Rica is also lower than in other beach destinations. A studio Costa Rica condo within a few minutes’ walk from the beach in a popular expat area can cost as low as $28,000, with two-bedroom condos priced at $70,000 and above. Beachfront condos in well-developed tourist destinations may start at $225,000. Homes for sale in Costa
Rica on the beach start at around $100,000 in remote locations, while properties in Costa Rica for sale in established areas may start at $250,000 and higher. 

It's important to note that beachfront titled property in Costa Rica is rare, with the Pacific coast generally being more expensive than the Caribbean coast. Some areas, such as Jaco, Esterillos, and Playa Hermosa on the central Pacific coast, may have properties with beachfront titles due to grandfathering. However, when buying a house in Costa Rica, it's essential never to assume that Costa Rica beachfront homes for sale are titled, and thorough due diligence is necessary to ensure a clear understanding of the property's ownership status.

Navigating the Property Buying Process in Costa Rica

If you're considering living or retiring in Costa Rica, here are the top tips to buy real estate in Costa Rica:

  1. Act swiftly: The real estate market in Costa Rica is competitive, so make an offer once you find a property in Costa Rica you're interested in.
  2. Visit before you buy: Only buy land in Costa Rica after physically visiting it, no matter how much research you've done. Renting in the area for a few months can help you familiarize yourself with the neighborhood and make an informed decision.
  3. Don't rely on promises: Be cautious of developers or real estate agents who promise future improvements or amenities. Only consider what you see currently, and don't factor in potential future changes into your purchase decision.
  4. Check permits: Ensure the developer has all necessary permits for construction and water usage in hand, as permits have been restricted in certain areas to control development.
  5. Negotiate repairs: If you notice any repairs needed on the property, don't hesitate to negotiate a reduction in price to account for the cost of repairs or maintenance.
  6. Consider phone services: Local home phone service can be difficult to obtain, but cellphone and internet-based services are widely available. Don't be too concerned about lacking a home phone; alternative options are reliable and commonly used.

Remember to do thorough research and work with a reputable real estate agent or attorney familiar with property laws in Costa Rica to ensure a smooth and secure property-purchase process.



Despite regulations, Costa Rica offers the opportunity to purchase beachfront properties at relatively lower prices than other popular beach destinations. Working with an established real estate agent or attorney familiar with property laws in Costa Rica is highly recommended to ensure a smooth and secure transaction. If you’re ready to discover beachfront homes in Costa Rica for sale, contact us or visit


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