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Good News, Costa Rica, a New International Airport is coming soon!

Coldwell Banker Costa Rica | 21st February 2023 | Share
Good News, Costa Rica, a New International Airport is coming soon!

Costa Rica's Brunca Region is gearing up to welcome a brand-new international airport, marking a milestone in a project that has been on the radar since 2010 and has recently gained traction under government support. President Rodrigo Chaves made the exciting announcement during his visit to the Southern Region, flanked by key figures, including Luis Amador, Minister of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPT), and Nayuribe Guadamuz, Minister of Culture and Youth.

"The groundwork for this project has been laid with meticulous technical studies and a master plan devised by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), with a designated site already in place. Since its declaration as a matter of public interest in 2010, it's imperative that we propel this initiative forward. Our approach must balance progress with the preservation of the area's heritage and natural resources. Thus, our immediate focus lies on completing the necessary studies," emphasized Luis Amador.

Valle del Diquís, particularly the delta region between the Térraba and Sierpe rivers, has emerged as the prime location for the forthcoming international airport due to factors like wind patterns and adherence to national and international safety regulations concerning flight operations and projected service demands.

The upcoming airport in Costa Rica's Brunca Region will be equipped to accommodate a range of aircraft, from the Airbus A319/320/321 Family and B737 Family to executive planes falling within the medium-range category. Beyond facilitating smoother landings for such aircraft in the southern part of the country, the airport's construction is poised to catalyze socio-economic and tourism growth in the region, offering a platform for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to tap into emerging service sectors and generate employment opportunities.

As the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPT), the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, and the Ministry of Culture and Youth-National Museum undertake exploratory and archaeological endeavors, the groundwork is being laid for the subsequent concession bidding process and eventual construction phase.

The development of a new international airport in Costa Rica's Brunca Region holds profound implications not only for tourism and economic expansion but also for the real estate sector. The enhanced accessibility afforded by the new airport is expected to lure international investors, retirees, and tourists to the region, driving up demand for real estate properties ranging from vacation homes to commercial spaces.

Anticipated spikes in real estate prices in the Brunca Region underscore the burgeoning interest in the area's untapped potential. With improved accessibility to its pristine beaches, national parks, and other natural wonders, there arises a pressing need for infrastructural development. Consequently, the proliferation of hotels, eateries, and commercial establishments is on the horizon, presenting lucrative opportunities for real estate investment.

Furthermore, the construction phase of the airport promises to inject vitality into the local economy, spawning job opportunities and stimulating economic activity. The demand for housing to accommodate the burgeoning workforce will invariably fuel the growth of residential and commercial real estate ventures, further cementing the region's appeal as a promising investment destination.

For those intrigued by the rapid evolution of this dynamic region or seeking insights into relocating and settling in picturesque Costa Rica, we invite you to reach out for further information and guidance.

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