The One Reason Why Dominical Real Estate is HOT.. in 2013

Coldwell Banker Costa Rica | 7th May 2014 | Share
The One Reason Why Dominical Real Estate is HOT.. in 2013

Answer: “The Path of Development” I hear it each week from brokers throughout Costa Rica and now more and more frequently from prospective buyers that call us from all over the globe, “Why is the Dominical are (Known as Costa Ballena) real estate market so strong compared to the rest of Costa Rica?” Of course I could sound biased here being a permanent resident, land owner, business owner and here in Costa Ballena, so I will use my best judgment to inform you with facts, not feelings….   Costa Ballena is in “The Path of Development.”  This story began, well, thousands of years ago when our amazing coastline was created.  More recently, however, this area has positioned itself for an amazing future and the best way to describe it is via the use of bullet points:

1.    Newest highway in all of Costa Rica – we are connected to the rest of this beautiful country

2.    The best infrastructure – new cable for internet, upgraded power systems and much more

3.    Center for crime prevention – a very proactive community that works with the government to establish preventative measures to protect ourselves

4.    New Marina just 30 minutes away – will be the largest in all of Central America

5.    The best culinary experience you can find in Costa Rica and home of the Sabor de Ojochal – watch this grow over the years

6.    A 25-mile coastline second to none, where the mountains meet the ocean and the rain forest here is alive. 

Lush year round.. Costa Ballena (Dominical, Uvita, Ojochal) was once at the end of the road and where most thought was too remote to consider any investment or residence living options.  Those days are long gone as witnessed by the volume of people from around the globe coming here to buy and call this home. We have a new private school for families with children to enjoy, the only national marine park in the country, the famous Whales Tail reef, a new gym with a full scheduled of classes to choose from, renovated restaurants with top chefs calling this home, and much more. While other regions of Costa Rica have enjoyed their time in the past (and will surely continue n the future), Costa Ballena is now on the global map.  It is just too beautiful to not consider buying your land or home here – you must see it.  And you must see how we are in “The Path of Development” to appreciate how calling this place home is a sound family and investment decision.

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