Alajuela Costa Rica Map - Map of Alajuela Costa Rica

Alajuela Costa Rica Map

Alajuela is the primary entry point for most visitors to Costa Rica. The Juan Santamaria International Airport is located in Alajuela and travelers start their journey on the Pan-American Highway as they make their way to popular towns like Arenal, Grecia, Atenas, and San Ramon. Check out our map of Alajuela Costa Rica to find these popular towns and the best routes.

Map of Alajuela Costa Rica

Alajuela features a popular artisan stop in the town of Sarchi. You’ll want to visit this town before furnishing your home. The town features authentic Costa Rican art and handmade furniture. Use our Alajuela map to locate Sarchi which is just north of the international airport between the towns of Grecia and Naranjo.

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