Arenal Costa Rica Map - Map of Arenal Costa Rica

Arenal Costa Rica Map

Costa Rica is a relatively small country, situated in Central America, between Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south. Indeed, the port city of Limon on Costa Rica’s northeast coast is a docking point for cruise ships which are taking their passengers through the Panama Canal. However, many people who take a look at a map of Arenal Costa Rica do so because they want to learn about the location of the many volcanoes in this part of the country, and in particular Arenal and its surrounding Arenal Volcano National Park. To the north of the park is Lake Arenal, a man-made lake that provides hydroelectricity to the entire region. It is also a popular draw for sports fishermen and windsurfers who come here from all over the world.

Map of Arenal Costa Rica

There are many kinds of maps, of course, but perhaps the most enticing one to look at is the map designed especially for tourists, because the mapmakers place symbols on it in the locations where certain activities take place. On the blue of Lake Arenal therefore are the symbols for windsurfing, sport fishing and hiking. The Rio Balsa is identified with a white water rafting symbol. Clustered around La Fortuna are symbols for bird and wildlife watching, canopy tours, horseback riding and hiking. The Arenal map is invaluable to tourists because of these informative symbols, as it’s a quick way for them to learn just what attractions they can take advantage of. And of course there is volcano watching close to Arenal. Although the volcano hasn’t erupted since 2010, it still belches smoke and the view itself is quite lovely.

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