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Arenal Costa Rica Villas

When you look at a map of the Arenal area, you’ll find that the Arenal Volcano National Park is surrounded by quite a few large towns that have grown in size ever since 1968 when the volcano first erupted after being dormant for centuries. Tourists started coming to the area as soon as it was realized that the volcano wasn’t going to stop erupting – and indeed it erupted continuously until 2010. All the towns have villas in Arenal Costa Rica which are situated quite beautifully, regardless of the town in which you’ll find them. Make sure to rent or purchase a villa that has a volcano view! Arenal is a cone-shaped volcano that is a little bit over a mile high, and the crown is wreathed in fog during the rainy season which makes for a beautiful sight.

Villas in Arenal Costa Rica

When looking for a villa, you will need to decide just what kind of town you want to stay in. La Fortuna, the town closest to Arenal, has a little over 5,000 inhabitants. Tilaran on the other side of the national park and overlooking Lake Arenal, has a little over 7000 inhabitants. Quesada, home to a few wind farms and hot springs, is a large city, with about 45,000 inhabitants. Wherever you choose to buy or rent your Arenal villa, you’ll still find any of these towns pretty laid back – nothing compared with the capital city of San Jose, which has over 200,000 inhabitants! If you’re visiting this area with a group of people, consider renting a villa which will give you plenty of room.
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Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

While hotels are still the most common type of accommodations for visitors in Costa Rica, vacation rentals are slowly becoming a preferred option and there are many options in this exotic destination. Searching for vacation rentals in Costa Rica is easy when you have the resources of Coldwell Banker® Costa Rica on your side. Our network of 9 franchise offices located in the most popular tourist destinations ensure that you’ll find the best selection of vacation rentals guaranteed to amaze and create memories of a lifetime.

Vacation Rentals in Costa Rica

Trust the experience and professionalism of Coldwell Banker® Costa Rica to make your vacation a memorable event. We’ll make sure you find the vacation rental of your dreams with all the right amenities and features in the perfect location. Costa Rica vacation rentals feature a variety styles and settings including luxury homes, condos, villas, and cabins located in breathtaking settings. Enjoy your search and contact us to learn more about find the perfect rental for your vacation.

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