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Liberia Costa Rica Real Estate

Liberia is known as “the white city,” because many of its residential buildings are made of white adobe (with red tile roofs). It’s a colonial city, founded in the 1700s by Spaniards. Originally the city, and the province of which it is the capital belonged to Nicaragua, but it was annexed by Costa Rica in 1826. Liberia is known for its cattle ranching, and indeed has a reputation for having a “cowboy culture,” (although in Liberia the correct term is “sabaneros.” Real estate in Liberia Costa Rica can be purchased for both residential and commercial purposes. Many émigrés choose to live in Liberia because of its proximity to the Pacific coast (otherwise known as Costa Rica’s “Gold Coast.” Investment groups also find it wise to buy or build hospitality properties in the city, such as hotels or rental properties, to cater to the burgeoning population.

Real Estate in Liberia Costa Rica

Most people from outside the country learn about Liberia when they decide to visit the region as a tourist, or when they consult with fellow oldsters about retiring to the city. There’s plenty to attract folks to Liberia. Forget for the moment the fact the fact that from Liberia, it is only about a 30 minute drive to those wonderful beaches – Playa Panama, Playa Hermosa, Playa del Coco and son. The city is also the gateway to two volcano national parks and a couple of wildlife preserves. Liberia Costa Rica properties therefore cater to people of all interests, who are looking to embrace and enjoy the laidback lifestyle of Costa Rica, otherwise known as “la vida pura.”
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3.0 bed 2.0 bath
  Guanacaste / Liberia Home
BUILT : 2010
ID: #16435
bed bath
  Guanacaste / Liberia Land
ID: #18241
bed bath
  Guanacaste / Liberia Land
ID: #15033
0.0 bed 2.0 bath
  Guanacaste / Liberia Office / Retail
BUILT : 2009
ID: #2022
bed bath
  Guanacaste / Liberia Office / Retail
ID: #14409
4.0 bed 3.5 bath
  Guanacaste / Liberia Condo
ID: #3702
3.0 bed 3.0 bath
  Guanacaste / Liberia Business
BUILT : 2003
ID: #12168
50.0 bed 25.0 bath
  Guanacaste / Liberia Hotel
ID: #14781

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