Liberia Costa Rica Luxury Real Estate - Luxury Real Estate in Liberia Costa Rica

Liberia Costa Rica Luxury Real Estate

Liberia is a modern city – if the presence of Burger King and McDonald’s restaurants is any indication. It’s located about 133 miles northwest of San José, and ever since the international airport opened in 1995 this city has become the preferred gateway to Costa Rica’s “Gold Coast,” not least because it takes several hours to drive from San Jose to this city, so why not just avoid the very large, very bustling San José all together? Luxury real estate in Liberia Costa Rica has been available since the 1970s when tourists first started come to this area in droves to see the volcanoes in the interior of the country, and frolic on the beaches of the northwest coast. Real estate for the discerning continues to be built and offered for sale to this day and the trend will only continue.

Luxury Real Estate in Liberia Costa Rica

When people think of cowboys, they think of the cowboys of the American West, and the vaqueros of Mexico and Spain. In Costa Rica, cowboys are “sabaneros,” and Liberia is known as a sabanero town with a sabanero culture, thanks to the fact that the city is surrounded by cattle ranches and the sabaneros take care of the livestock. Liberia luxury is easy to find, however, as the city has expanded its economic streams quite a bit, to embrace tourism as well. So prosperous is Liberia that a new hospital has recently been built there, to complement its medical clinic. There are some 40,000 – 60,000 residents of Liberia, and while most work in the cattle ranches, many are also employed in the hospitality industry.
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While hotels are still the most common type of accommodations for visitors in Costa Rica, vacation rentals are slowly becoming a preferred option and there are many options in this exotic destination. Searching for vacation rentals in Costa Rica is easy when you have the resources of Coldwell Banker® Costa Rica on your side. Our network of 9 franchise offices located in the most popular tourist destinations ensure that you’ll find the best selection of vacation rentals guaranteed to amaze and create memories of a lifetime.

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