Nicoya Costa Rica Map - Map of Nicoya Costa Rica

Nicoya Costa Rica Map

The Nicoya Peninsula is located in the northwestern region of Costa Rica and features several popular tourist and ex-pat destinations like Nosara, Samara, Brasilito, Coco, and Tamarindo. Getting to Nicoya is a breeze with an international airport in nearby Liberia and good highways in the northern half of the peninsula. Our map of Nicoya Costa Rica highlights the best towns and beaches in the region and you can locate popular national parks and other attractions to enjoy the world-class recreation options of Nicoya.

Map of Nicoya Costa Rica

The highways between San Jose and the Nicoya are good and there are a few different routes to access the peninsula including highways and ferries. We suggest using our Nicoya map to plan your routes if you’re traveling from San Jose or the Central Pacific Coast. Choosing the best route can save you time and take you through some interesting towns along the way.

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