Samara Costa Rica Map - Map of Samara Costa Rica

Samara Costa Rica Map

Looking for the best beaches in Costa Rica?  While other towns may argue, many believe that the quiet little beach village of Samara has them beat.  The locals have known for a long time with many foreigners are beginning to discover.  Samara is a beach lover’s paradise.  The small coastal village sits on the Nicoya Peninsula on Guanacaste’s north Pacific Coast.  As you’ll see when viewing our map of Samara Costa Rica, the town is convenient at only 2 hours from the international airport in Liberia.

Map of Samara Costa Rica

Planning a trip to Samara is a must for any traveler or potential investor.  Getting to know this quaint and exotic town will only cause you to fall in love, so, be careful!  We encourage you to give us a call for more information and use our Samara map to help plan the best route via car, plane, or bus from Liberia or San Jose.  We can also connect you with trusted transportation services and recommended places to stay and see.    

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