Tamarindo Costa Rica Map - Map of Tamarindo Costa Rica

Tamarindo Costa Rica Map

 Tamarindo experienced major development over the last decade due in part to its convenient location.  The world famous beach town is located just 45 minutes from the closest international airport in Liberia and 45 minutes via regional flight from the capital city of San Jose.  As the map of Tamarindo Costa Rica demonstrates below, the town is very easy to get to and offers a variety of beaches to explore. 

Map of Tamarindo Costa Rica

Take a look at our Tamarindo map to get a good idea of the location and plan your trip to Paradise.  What will you do?  How about surfing, sport-fishing, beach exploring, adventure tours, wildlife tours, and championship golfing.   If you’re planning to travel to Tamarindo Costa Rica, use the map to determine the best transportation method.  You can fly into Liberia or San Jose, take a bus, rent a car, use a shuttle, or take a regional flight.  The options are plentiful.  We recommend renting a car to give you more freedom to explore the region.   

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