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Many people saving for their retirement spend many years looking to find the perfect place for them to retire to. And quite a few of these individuals end up deciding to become expatriates. Leaving the trouble and strife of their home country behind to check out the simpler life in such countries as Costa Rica. Costa Rica is one of the more stable and prosperous countries in Central America and many expatriates find new homes there. Lots for sale in Caribbean Costa Rica therefore find many an avid buyer, as people choose to buy land and build their dream home on it rather than purchasing a home that has already been built which just doesn’t meet their specifications. These lots are for sale in practically every town or city in the province of Limón, which shares 125 miles of shoreline with the Caribbean Sea.

Lots for Sale in Caribbean Costa Rica

Most provinces in Costa Rica – there are seven of them – share the same history, and the same music, food and pastimes. The province of Limon is different – over the years it became home to a considerable Afro-Caribbean population that brought in their own customs when they immigrated from Caribbean islands such as Jamaica, as well as Africa. Caribbean lots come in all sizes, so the prospective purchase can put up anything from a small or large home to a small building used to be used for an office, should the lot be in a district zoned for businesses. Of course all towns and cities in Costa Rica have their own zoning laws because they want to maintain the flavor of the city. These lots are located in the port series, right on the edge of the Caribbean sea, or further inland, nestled in the verdant jungles that make up much of this province.
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Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

While hotels are still the most common type of accommodations for visitors in Costa Rica, vacation rentals are slowly becoming a preferred option and there are many options in this exotic destination. Searching for vacation rentals in Costa Rica is easy when you have the resources of Coldwell Banker® Costa Rica on your side. Our network of 9 franchise offices located in the most popular tourist destinations ensure that you’ll find the best selection of vacation rentals guaranteed to amaze and create memories of a lifetime.

Vacation Rentals in Costa Rica

Trust the experience and professionalism of Coldwell Banker® Costa Rica to make your vacation a memorable event. We’ll make sure you find the vacation rental of your dreams with all the right amenities and features in the perfect location. Costa Rica vacation rentals feature a variety styles and settings including luxury homes, condos, villas, and cabins located in breathtaking settings. Enjoy your search and contact us to learn more about find the perfect rental for your vacation.