Caribbean Coast Costa Rica Map

It is fun to look at a map of Caribbean Costa Rica, even if you aren’t planning to visit that country for a while. Start with a map of the entire country to see the Cordillera de Talamanca mountain range running down the center of the country, for example. You can see the Laguna Arenal which offers windsurfing and sport fishing, as well as hiking. And of course to the south of the lagoon is Arenal Volcano National Park. There are quite a few rivers on which you can go rafting. Canopy tours (ziplines) are offered in quite a few places. Oh, the things to do in this region are endless, from the southern Pacific coastline where you can surf and fish practically everyway. The northern coast – the subject of this article, doesn’t have quite as many areas for those activities, but what it does have is choice.

Map of the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica

Caribbean map is designed and produced in many different ways, depending on the audience that the map is aiming for. Maps that are included in guidebooks will very likely have little icons placed next to the most visited tourists spots. There will be icons indicating the best places to go turtle watching (very popular during nesting season), dolphin watching, as well as sport fishing, surfing and scuba diving. There will also be icons indicating where you can take a zipline over and through the trackless jungles (now that is an experience!) and go biking and hiking. And of course there will be icons showing the location of Costa Rica’s five active volcanoes, which are very popular with visitors.