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Golfito, which until 1985 was a banana port, is now a commercial fishing port, as well as a very popular starting point for sport fishermen who are after amberjack, marlin, sailfish and tuna. It’s also very popular with tourists, who like to go whale watching and dolphin watching in Golfo Dulce, or surfing or kayaking. To cut a long story short, plenty of tourists come here, so rentals in Golfito Costa Rica are very popular. When groups of people come here, they prefer to rent a home for them all, rather than spend money at a resort or in a hotel. These rental properties can be found scattered throughout the town. The town is longer than it is wide. It’s only a couple of blocks wide, as a matter of fact, before it runs up against the steep, forested hills that surround the town.

Rentals in Golfito Costa Rica

Golfito has its own airport, and most people who journey here from San José elect to fly rather than make the eight hour drive on the Pan American highway through mountainous terrain. In addition to tourists from around the world, native Costa Ricans (Ticos) come here to take advantage of the excellent shopping. Golfito rentals are popular with everybody. It’s nice to visit the town and stay in a house with all its amenities, rather than stay in a hotel or a lodge. Lots of people own property which they rent out as an investment. These rentals make excellent investments as Golfito’s tourist economy is very strong. Not only do people come to Golfito, just to come to Golfito, but they also come here as a staging point before continuing on to the nearby Peninsula de Osa and the lodges and beaches there.
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Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

While hotels are still the most common type of accommodations for visitors in Costa Rica, vacation rentals are slowly becoming a preferred option and there are many options in this exotic destination. Searching for vacation rentals in Costa Rica is easy when you have the resources of Coldwell Banker® Costa Rica on your side. Our network of 9 franchise offices located in the most popular tourist destinations ensure that you’ll find the best selection of vacation rentals guaranteed to amaze and create memories of a lifetime.

Vacation Rentals in Costa Rica

Trust the experience and professionalism of Coldwell Banker® Costa Rica to make your vacation a memorable event. We’ll make sure you find the vacation rental of your dreams with all the right amenities and features in the perfect location. Costa Rica vacation rentals feature a variety styles and settings including luxury homes, condos, villas, and cabins located in breathtaking settings. Enjoy your search and contact us to learn more about find the perfect rental for your vacation.