Escazu Costa Rica Map - Map of Escazu Costa Rica

Escazu Costa Rica Map

Escazu features everything for the demanding buyer or business traveler.  The modern and vibrant city is located minutes from downtown San Jose and features world-class entertainment, business centers, shopping, dining, and more.  You can view our map of Escazu Costa Rica to pinpoint the premier locations for living, visiting, shopping, dining, and doing business.  The transportation routes into Escazu are excellent with modern highways, buses, and the international airport just 15 minutes away.  

Map of Escazu Costa Rica

The region has good signage and transportation including major highways.  You’ll have no problem navigating the streets.  Just in case, we provided an Escazu map to help you plan the best routes to get here and plan your trip.  The map can also help you identify key routes for getting to the beaches, downtown, the stadium, IMAX Theater, golf courses, hotels, business centers, and the international airport in Alajuela. .     

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