Tambor Costa Rica Map

Many guidebooks to Costa Rica have been written since the 1970s, when that small country first hit the tourist radar. This happened when the volcano Arenal, which had been dormant for some 300 years, erupted in 1968 – and continued to erupt on a daily basis, drawing volcano watchers from all over the world. Costa Rica has so many natural resources – on its west coast with the Pacific Ocean and on its east coast with the Caribbean Sea, that tapping into the tourism economical model was quickly done. Of course the fact that Costa Rica has always been a stable, well-developed country also helped. Many visitors will take a look at a map of Tambor Costa Rica in particular, because this little town at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula has always drawn tourists as well as retirees, for a variety of reasons.

Map of Tambor Costa Rica

When people look at a Tambor map, it will show them a great deal, in particular if it is a map put together specifically for tourists. Tourists want to know what activities are available wherever in the country they might want to visit, and a tourist map that has little symbols on it is a very graphic and easy way to communicate this information. There’s an airport in on the outskirts of Tambor, something a guidebook map may or may not show, but it’s the only airport in the southern area of the peninsula. Horseback riding and hiking symbols will be found inland, and symbols for sport fishing, snorkeling and kayaking will be found just off shore. Scuba diving is a very popular activity here.