Arenal Costa Rica Land for Sale - Land for Sale in Arenal Costa Rica

Arenal Costa Rica Land for Sale

Take a look at a map of Costa Rica and you’ll see that Arenal is located in the northwest section of the country, about fifty miles northwest of the very large and very bustling capital city of San José. If it’s a map designed especially for tourists, you’ll see all sorts of symbols nearby for fantastic activities such as volcano watching (obviously), bird and wildlife viewing, ziplining, horseback riding, hiking, windsurfing and rafting. Because of the popularity of this area, land for sale in Arenal Costa Rica is a popular purchase both by individuals looking to build retirement homes, but also by investors wishing to build hotels or other types of hospitality buildings. Of course any buildings must satisfy local laws, as the country is quite proud of its eco-heritage.

Land for Sale in Arenal Costa Rica

There are some places where of course you can’t purchase Arenal land. There are many nature preserves and sites of that kind where land just isn’t for sale, nor should it be. However, the entire area is growing thanks to the burgeoning rate of tourism and there are indeed many properties on offer, that will allow residents and visitors to be able to get about quickly if they wish to go windsurfing on Lake Arenal, or fish there, or take a canopy tour through the treetops of the rainforests. Hiking and horseback riding are popular activities in this area as well. Nature lovers who journey to this region of Costa Rica will be ecstatic at what is on offer, just minutes away from their front doors.
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